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Situated on the bank of river Yagachi, the quaint hamlet of Belur was the first capital of Hoysala Empire, before it was shifted to nearby Halebid. The Hoysala, who ruled a large kingdom between the Rivers Krishna and Cauvery apart from being great warriors, also patronized culture and art and encouraged the artisans to rival each other.The temple was commissioned by King vishnuvarthana in 1117 AD. Scholars are divided about the reasons for the construction of the temple.

temples-in bangalore

Chennekeshava Temple

It is the main temple in Belur and is only one at the three major Hoysala sites (the other two being Halebid and Somnathpur), that is still in daily use. Begun in 1116 to commemorate Hoysala’s victory over the Cholas at Talakad, it took a century to complete. It is said that every major deity in the Hindu pantheon is represented on this temple. What is remarkable about this shrine is its compact structure, and perfect proportions.


Halebid :

Located 17km east of Belur, was the ancient capital of the Hoysala Empire. Founded in the early 11th century as Dwarasamudram (Gateway to the seas), it was destroyed by the armies of the Delhi Sultanate in 1311 and 1327 AD, after which it was deserted and later renamed Halebid (Old Capital).The wealth of sculptured friezes is simply unbelievable, since from the base to the projected eaves, every inch of available wall surface is covered with the most exquisitely sculptured images.


Hoysaleswara temple: 

The Hoysaleswara temple at Halebid, the largest of the Hoysala temples, was started in 1121 AD, about 10 years after the temple at Belur, but despite 86 years of labour, it was never completed. Nevertheless it is easily the most outstanding example of Hoysala art. Every centimeter of the outside walls and much of the insides are covered with an endless variety of Hindu deities, stylised birds and animals and friezes depicting the life and times of the Hoysala rulers.

temples-in bangalore

 Kedareswara temples :

– the Kedareswara, though a dilapidated shrine, has is a classic example of Indian temple architecture. There is also an enclosure containing three Jain bastis (temples), the main being the Parsvanath Temple, with its 32-pillared pavilion. The 14 feet high image of Parsvanath has a seven-hooded cobra over its head. The two other shrines are those of Adinath and Shantinatha, though smaller, are elegant structures.

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