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Parks in Chikmagalur

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Kudremukh National Park:

The Kudremukh National Park (latitudinal range 13°01’00” to 13°29’17” N, longitudinal range 75°00’55’ to 75°25’00” E) is the largest declared Wildlife Protected Area (600 km²) of a tropical wet evergreen type of forest in the Western Ghats. Nearby Tourist Places to visit The Western Ghats is one of the twenty-five hot spots identified for bio-diversity conservation in the world.one of the luxury villas did not have hot water. Kudremukh National Park comes under the Global Tiger Conservation Priority-I, under the format developed jointly by Wildlife Conservation Society .


Green Park Homestay: 

Absolutely lovely spacious elegant villa overlooking a private lake & amidst lush green gardens and beautifully landscaped property. Recommend a min of 2 nights stay to actually soak in the beauty of quite of the place! Kids absolutely loved the two dogs on the property, the pool & the kayak ride on the pvt lake. Very hospitable staff & the place showed that they were well taken care of by the care they take of the guests.Massages, jacuzzi, steam bath all at good rates and served by smiling and friendly people.

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Mahatama Gandhi Park: 

M G Park alias Mahatma Gandhi Park  is a beautifully maintained garden and is placed on the backdrop of the Mullayangiri. The park has become the star attraction of the area and has become the favourite spot of picnics and family vacations. The M G Park is placed on a small hillock named Rathnagiri Bore which is located on the northern part of Chikmagalur. one of the luxury villas did not have hot water for which we had to follow up for 2 days and were forced to have bath at the spa.

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