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Chikmagalur Delight – Fixed Departure

pics27Upholding its legacy of maritime trade, Kerala bears the pride of having traded with the Romans. Even Vasco Da Gama, took up a voyage to chikmagalur to end the Muslim control over the spice trade taking place with the Middle East. Coming back to the exotic holiday tour packages to chikmagalur, you will simply be amazed at the huge and widespread number of tour packages that you can avail in Kerala starting from enigmatic ayurvedic tour packages to the panoramic houseboat tour packages.

Best of Chikmagalur

tourist-place-near-bangaloreA tour to chikmagalur is an experience to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. Most tourists even come back for more opportunities to explore the beauty and exclusivity of chikmagalur, since, it’s just not possible to visit every destination in chikmagalur in a single touring endeavor.The houseboats in chikmagalur  are also known as the Kettuvallams and are crafted locally to range to 24 meters in length.

Adventure Tour

tourist-place-near-bangaloreThe splendid chikmagalur  houseboat tour packages are ideally designed and created for romantic honeymoons for the newlyweds or the ones coming for may be a second or a third honeymoon. Giving you the perfect view of the sprawling lakes and the lush green forests encasing the surroundings, these houseboat packages are equally great for the tourists coming with their families and looking to spend some quiet and calming quality time with family and kids.


tourist-place-near-bangaloreConstructed skillfully and meticulously, these large sized boats are crafted exclusively by tying large jackfruit tree planks without the application of any nails. Traditionally, these boats were deployed to carry goods on water and now they have come to be one of the biggest attractions, boosting the ever expanding Kerala tourism. Furnished luxuriously, these boats come with all amenities for a modern and cozy lifestyle. You can book from a number of different types of houseboats with one bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom accommodation facilities.


tourist-place-near-bangaloreExplore chikmagalur  as the Best chikmagalur  Tour Packages are Served to You in a Platter

The magnificent chikmagalur  tour packages, are definitely among the most sought after tour packages, especially, due to the panoramic views, its peaks offer and as you look at the gorgeous lush green tea gardens and the aromatic spice gardens, you are sure to fall in love with the destination and want to stay there for the rest of your life. The peaceful and serene surroundings is sure to evoke the calming self hidden away somewhere in your mind. If you are looking to escape the loud and noisy city life, then chikmagalur  is an unbeatable option for you.

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